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Subproject A

Feedbacks between soils, biota, land management and hydrological processes at different spatiotemporal scales

Subproject B

Non-invasive geophysical and remote sensing methods to map and characterize relevant structures and processes

Subproject C

Understanding and characterizing land surface-atmosphere exchange and feedbacks

Subproject D

Spatio-temporal dynamics of water storage, mixing and release

Subproject E

Towards consistent predictions of water and energy cycles in intermediate scale catchments

Subproject F

Linking landscape structure and rainfall runoff behaviour in a thermodynamic optimality context

Subproject G

Hydrological connectivity and its controls on hillslope and catchment scale stream flow generation

Intro (Phase 1)

Introduction to the main hypotheses and aspects in phase 1 of the project


Community Impact

Publications, Talks, Conference contributions, PhD theses, Student training

Team issues

Things we use to organise ourselves with

Intro (Phase 2)

Overview about research questions, work packages and deliverables in phase 2 of the project

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